Aortic Syndrome Part One: Aortic Dissection

Dr Craig Douglas came down to take us through aortic dissection, a rare but potentially fatal diagnosis.  We discuss who gets it, why they get it, how it presents and what we can do about it.  

  • The presentation of aortic dissection including 'Chest Pain Plus One' - Abdominal pain, Collapse, Neurological Symptoms, Syncope and Vascular Symptoms
  • The risk factors for aortic dissection and the Stanford Classification
  • What investigations might make us suspicious for aortic dissection including the chest radiograph features and the role of synchronous blood pressures in both arms
  • The management of aortic dissection
  • Potential future risk stratification  

Also check out the RCEM Learning Aortic Dissection page

For a slightly franker take on aortic dissection here is David Carr's talk on 'The Aorta will %$#@!& You Up' from SMACCDUB 2016. 

Here is our Take Visually for this episode: