Session Two: Formulating research questions and designing a project

This episode is a live recording of the second session of #UnblindingResearch held in DREEAM 21st March 2018.  The group work has been removed for the sake of brevity.  Here are the slides for this session (p cubed of course), you can move between slides by clicking on the side of the picture or using the arrow keys.

Research. THE search.  WE search.

This talk focuses on the 'PICO' model:

Population and Problem




This model is useful for your literature search (P+I) and all together (P+I+C+O) makes up your research question.  It can also be used to interpret a paper you're reading.  Also mentioned are sources of funding and support including:

Research Design Service

National Institute of Health Research 

Outcomes and methodology are touched on; this is will be further explored in later sessions.

Remember the next session:

GCP and Ethics 18th April.