Session One: Introduction to audit, quality improvement and research

This episode is a live recording of the first session of #UnblindingResearch held in DREEAM 21st February 2018.  The group work parts have been removed for brevity sake.  Here are the slides for this session (p cubed of course), you can move between slides by clicking on the side of the picture or using the arrow keys.

The group work involved sorting a few terms under the headings of Audit, Quality Improvement and Research.

The clinical research approach is briefly covered, discussing literature searches and how primary outcomes might affect the methodology as well as what secondary outcomes are.  Audit is discussed with emphasis on the cyclical approach.  Finally Quality Improvement Projects are covered, how they are linked to audit, the PDSA format (Plan, Do, Study, Act) and how it can be embedded across healthcare.  

Here is the link mentioned to more information on QIPs from the NHS.

Here is the BMJ article mentioned covering how to set up an audit.  

Don't forget the next session: 'Formulating research questions and designing a project' is in DREEAM on 21st March 2018 with the podcast being released shortly after.