Redthread Part One

It was great when Freya, David and Richard from the Redthread team at the QMC Emergency Department came down to record the first of three podcasts with us.  


Redthread is a charity working with young people to help them lead happy, healthy and safe lives.  Key to this is the teachable moment, the moment a young person is in an Emergency Department and can be shown the way to turn their life around.  Since starting in London over 20 years ago they have since expanded into Nottingham and now Birmingham too!

In this episode the team tell us about their own backgrounds, how they came to Redthread and how Redthread came up to Nottingham.  They then take us through their day-to-day work and the help they can offer vulnerable young people.  There's advice along the way as well as chat about Curlywurlies!  

For more information visit the Redthread website