ACPs in ED

In this special episode Senior ACP James Pratt joined the podcast to talk about Advanced Clinical Practitioners in ED.  This is a topic he's talked about before at various conferences and meetings.  At EM2C 2018 he started his talk rather impressively:

James and Jamie talk about:

  • What is an ACP and what their job role entails
  • James' own career and the development of the ACP team at the QMC Nottingham
  • What the Nottingham ACP course consists of and the course entry criteria
  • Issues in the development of the ACP team and how these were approached
  • Potential areas of future development

There's an emphasis on the education and time required to create the ACP service and how this is not a short term solution to staffing issues but rather a long term investment in our staff

For more information on the ACP course at the University of Nottingham you can visit the course page here

For more information on Advanced Clinical Practitioner Educators you can visit the Association of Advanced Clinical Practitioner Educators website here

We're looking make more podcasts on advanced practice in the future so please get in touch with any suggestions!

P Cubed (How to do a Presentation) - #wewillgiveDREEAMpresentations

In a previous blog post I've already sung the praises of Ross Fisher and the p cubed approach to presentations.

In this live recording at the latest DREEAM educators' meeting I talk a bit more about p cubed, how to present information in a way that's not just nice to look but has science behind it.

Here are the slides.  As ever just click to scroll through them.

Topics covered:

  • Why bullet points are bad (irony)
  • How to storyboard - spark points and lightning slides
  • The science of presentations - cognitive overload, the three second rule, the rule of thirds and dual coding
  • How to present data

Here is the Take Visually for this episode: 


I hope you enjoy this talk and feel inspired.  That's the purpose of this talk and as a team at DREEAM we have made a Twitter pledge #wewillgiveDREEAMpresentations.

For more information on learning theories (and why it's wrong to think about 'types' of learners) check out Learning Scientists.

Good luck telling people of the amazing things you've seen.

                 - Jamie