This special episode is a live recording of Dr Andrew Dapaah, ST2 in Neurosurgery presenting at the QMC Emergency Department Academic Meeting.  It is designed as a useful guide to Neurosurgery in the Emergency Department.

Andrew covered several topics:

  • The approach to interpreting CT Head scans, both Blood Can Be Very Bad and the 'spaces' approach (Foramen Magnum, Basal Cisterns, Uncal herniation. Midline shift and Sulcal effacement (stroke/oedema)
  • Trauma including acute vs chronic subdural haematomas, the role of Burr holes and acute craniotomy and extradural bleeds
  • Here is the Bullock criteria for acute subdural haematoma
  • He discussed neurovascular conditions including the WFNS Grade of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and the Glasgow Outcome Score 
  • He finished talking us through hydrocephalus and shunt emergencies

This podcast is best listened to with his slides which are here.  Just press on the slide or use the direction arrows to move between them:

Here is our Take Visually for this episode: